Fuzzy Little Caterpillar

Fuzzy Little Caterpillar brings music, science and math together in a visually rich, interactive game format!
Kids can:
  • Learn to read music!
  • Explore the life cycle of butterflies and moths!
  • Count butterflies to 100 by 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's!

    4.5 stars on App Store

    Fuzzy Little CaterpillarApp Store4.5

    Fuzzy Little Caterpillar
    An educational app that explores music, science and counting!

    Discover how music is written! Touch the notes to hear them. Sing along with the song.

    Learn about caterpillars, moths and butterflies! Touch each object as it sparkles so you can watch this amazing lifecycle unfold.

    Count butterflies in and out of the tent by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s! Drag the net to the tent to put them in, touch the door on top to let them out.

    Kids Like Music!

    Making music is part of being human. Kids love making sounds! Children sing to explore their voices, practice new words and just have fun.

    Kids Like Games!

    Children explore the world through play. Games engage kids in all the ways they learn: seeing, hearing, moving and feeling. Besides being fun, games teaches order and a sense of accomplishment.

    Parents Like Kids to Learn!

    Songs are powerful learning tools. Who didn’t learn their ABC’s through a song? Performing and reading music has a positive effect on brain development. And educators agree that playing appropriate computer games can support learning.

    From the founder of Cherubim Music:

    For 40 years, I have been composing children’s music, teaching kids to sing and play instruments, and studying the ways they learn it. I have never been more excited about the potential for learning than with this new technology, which combines the best of the old and new methods. Fuzzy Little Caterpillar blends science, math and music in a way that only this new medium can. Enjoy!
    Ruth Bures, Ed.D, founder Cherubim Music L.L.C.